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Bessie’s Hope enhances the quality of life for nursing home and assisted living elders and brings generations together in mutually rewarding relationships by honoring the human spirit and creating life-enriching volunteer opportunities for youth, families, individuals, community organizations and businesses.The work of Bessie’s Hope transforms the lives of the too-often forgotten elders, the misdirected “at-risk” youth and all who participate in the volunteer programs. Because of the training, activities, and structure provided by Bessie’s hope, a fertile space is created for relationships to be cultivated across generations.


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It has become evident through the years that this work does for at-risk youth what nothing else can.  They feel valued and needed and finally validated as human beings with purpose in this world.  So, they are lifted from a life of drugs, abuse, gangs, violence, no hope for future---to another level wherein they have the opportunity to cultivate a mutually rewarding relationship with a beautiful elder.  This becomes a door through which they can enter into a world of compassion, dignity, respect for self, respect for others, caring, and leadership. 

The elders also have the opportunity to feel valued and needed again.......  As they always should have, in as much as it was their wisdom, resources and leadership that gave our society what we all enjoy today.   Through Bessie's Hope, the elders regain a spark in their eyes, and they have something to look forward to-----a Bessie's Hope volunteer, whether a youth or a family or an adult---is replacing the loneliness and the hopelessness with their caring presence and loving touch.


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