Bridge Builders


These testimonies and the one from a teenager below are examples of the “real” bridge of love behind the Bridge of Love Gala.  To continue our work that so clearly makes a significant difference in the lives of youth of all ages and elders living in nursing homes and assisted living communities, we need folks to join us in becoming Bridge Builders with monthly donations---of any amount.  Without volunteers and donors, Bessie’s Hope would be a mission statement on a piece of paper.  We work with approximately 2,000 youth and adult volunteers each year, and we serve the same amount of elders.  Please make the decision today to be a Bessie’s Hope Bridge Builder.  

"Bessie's Hope gave us training, so we knew what to expect and how to be with the elders. Like the 4 steps they taught us, so Step 1 was to go right up and take our grandpartner's hand and look in her eyes.  We could see that we made the elders happy.  That made me happy."  Phyllis Bussard

As a retired school teacher, I get so much joy from having the kids come and spend time with us.  We have so much to share with one another.  I like to hear what they are studying at school, and they like to hear all about my trips I’ve taken in my life.  I always heard about and saw other women’s “refrigerator art”, but I never got any, because I never had grandchildren.  Now, because of Bessie’s Hope, I have a lot of grandchildren, and a little 6-yr old boy is giving me my very own refrigerator art!” Mijee Mumaugh

First please read the teenager’s writing below and then click here to go to the donation page to begin your Bridge Builder monthly donations or call 303-830-9457 with your credit card number, which will be set up to be charged monthly.  Bessie’s Hope does not have to pay the fee associated with Paypal, if you make the one-time call and speak with Phillip.  Just $15 per month sponsors 2 youth and 2 elders in their relationship-building visits, and you receive a thank you created by them;  $25 sponsors 5 youth and 5 elders, and you get the thank you; $50 per month makes you a “Perfect 10 Partner”, sponsoring 10 and 10, having your name on the certificates that are displayed at the youth and the elder facilities, and receiving thank yous from your kids and elders;  $100 monthly makes you a “20/20 Partner”, sponsoring 20 and 20 with your name on the certificates and with the thank yous from your group.