Music and Magic Gala

The Bessie's Hope Music and Magic Gala was quite a success. Thank you, LaFawn Biddle for allowing us to award you the Community Angel Award.   Thank you, Ed Greene, for being the perfect event emcee; Gary Corbett, for being the auctioneer extraordinaire; and Leonard E Barrett, Jr for the wonderful music performance.  Thank you, Adrienne Ruston Fitzgibbons, Event Chairperson; Arlene Mohler Johnson, Honorary Chair; Pat Robinson and David Geras, Sponsoship Co-chairs; Barbara Mriowski and Victoria Gartelos, Auction Co-chairs; Kay Ray, Décor Chairperson; Terri Fisher and Louise Richardson, Promotion Co-chairs;and all the many committee members and volunteers who gave of your precious time, expertise, energy, and resources.  Thank you to all the donors and to all the event attendees.  All of you are deeply appreciated. Be sure and click on the links below to see the exciting event photos and our wonderful media coverage.

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