Dreams Can Still Come True

The lack of dreams and goals can affect people both mentally and physically. Bessie’s Hope believes it’s never too late to dream, and equally, it’s never too late to have a dream fulfilled. This is just a sample of the dreams Bessie’s Hope has fulfilled for nursing home residents.


Paralyzed former fighter pilot takes to the slopes for the first time at age 91

The Denver Post 3/29/2010

Tom Grover keeps a tight rein on Bob Hodges, whose wish to ski for the first time was granted Sunday at Winter Park's National Sports Center for the Disabled. Below, Hodges, 91, who can move only his head and left hand, is ready to go. Paralyzed by strokes and living in a nursing home, Bob Hodges had a single wish. To feel speed.

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Former Broncos Player, Billy Thompson, Visits Clear Creek!

If anyone knows anything about Leo Nelson, a resident of Clear Creek since 2005, they know he is a die hard Denver sports fan. He watches all the televised games, listens to all the radio broadcasts and keeps the rest of us updated during our weekly Kaffee Klatsch gatherings. Leo purchased Broncos season tickets in 1967 that are now held by his step-son, so you can imagine his surprise when former Broncos player Billy Thompson walked into the solarium on March 19th announcing, "Leo, I'm here today for you."

"It took awhile for what he said to register in my brain. I never thought anything like this would happen to me," Leo later reported. After presenting Leo with an autographed helmet, Billy addressed a group of more than 50 residents and staff at Clear Creek. He spoke of his 13 season (1967-1981) NFL career with the Denver Broncos as a defensive back. He talked about being inducted into the Ring of Fame in 1987 and about being ranked second on the Broncos all-time list for games started. After answering questions from the group, Billy was gracious enough to meet with each resident and take individual photos that he later autographed.

"I thought that everything was done and over with, but then Billy announced he was taking me and a few buddies to lunch!" Leo stated. "He was a great story teller and such a down to earth kind of guy. I always liked him as a player, now I like him as a person."

Leo would like to thank intergenerational organization Bessie's Hope staff member Kelly Raglund, for helping make this special day happen. Leo also thanks local Westminster Mexican restaurant Los Arcos for the delicious free meal. Leo has told many, "That was truly one of the best days of my life!"

So that a resident of an elder care center, could be able to enjoy outings with her "adopted" Bessie's Hope volunteer, Bessie's Hope staff went to Capabilities Store owners, who generously gave the resident a light weight, compact wheel chair. Now they are "off and rolling". <<<<left

Phyllis Minton, resident of Gardens at St Elizabeth, had a wish fulfilled - ballroom dancing. She danced, and she danced.  Phyllis shared her dream with other residents. Everyone had a good time, including dance instructors, Jesse Ogas (pictured with Phyllis); Lisza Gulyas, President of the International Dance Foundation; and other volunteer dancers provided by Bessie's Hope. >>>>>right

Former Computer teacher "back in business"

Imagine having taught computer skills, and then living in a nursing home at age 64 and having no computer. This was an unfortunate situation for a gentleman named Floyd Patterson. Thankfully, Bessie's Hope learned of his predicament and made a decision to help him out. A volunteer heard of the situation and offered to donate an extra laptop. The presentation was made in a spirit of celebration. Floyd's immediate reaction was one of great gratitude and the question "Who can I help?" He has gone on to work with others in the elder care facility. His world has expanded as has theirs!