International Award

Aspen Grove and Bessie’s Hope Win ICSC Foundation 2012 Community Support Award
For Their “Queen for a Day” Program

New York, September 6, 2012 – The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Foundation
is pleased to announce that DDR Corp.’s Aspen Grove shopping center located in Littleton, Colo. has
been named the 2012 U.S. Community Support Award western region winner for their “Queen for a Day” program. The award was given out during a special ceremony at ICSC’s NOI+ Conference, on Sept. 5th at the Peabody Orlando, in Orlando, Fla.
Teaming up with Bessie’s Hope, a program that organizes visitors for nursing homes, Aspen Grove was
able to use their position in the community to initiate the “Queen for a Day” campaign. This
monthly program honors a nursing home elder who receives little to no visitors to make them feel
loved and important. Each month a senior citizen is selected and treated to a day out at Aspen
Grove receiving a free lunch, specialty foods to take home, a new outfit, salon services, and home
décor items. To date there have been eight elders who have been bestowed with this honor. This
program not only gave the selected elders tangible gifts that were greatly needed, but it also
afforded them the chance to feel special.
The Foundation’s Community Support Award program, established in 2006, is a worldwide awards
program that honors corporate social responsibility and community outreach efforts of shopping
centers for charitable initiatives. To support Aspen Grove’s philanthropic cause, a $5,000
donation from the ICSC Foundation will be made to the “Queen for a Day” campaign.
Professional recognition for this award was given to Dawn Marie Lecklikner, regional vice president
of shopping center marketing, DDR Corp.; Kim Calder, marketing director, DDR Corp.; and Margie
Munoz, general manager, DDR Corp.
Ms Calder and Ms Munoz presented the $5,000 contribution to Bessie’s Hope co-founder, Linda Holloway, during the October Queen for the Day lunch at Panera Bread of Aspen Grove. “Queen” Elizabeth Horner, 91-yr young resident of Cherrelyn Health Care Center, stated, “Everyone should get to feel this special at least once in their life. I am so grateful.”
For more information about Denver-based, Bessie’s Hope and its many programs that engage schools and other youth groups (many from at-risk youth organizations and lock-down facilities); individuals; families; corporations; churches; and civic organizations to alleviate the loneliness in so many nursing home elders’ lives and bring them the respect and honor they deserve, contact or call 303-830-9037.