Family & Elders

Family and Elders Program

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This program facilitates the matching of individuals and families who become companions, advocates, and extended families for nursing home/assisted living elders who have little or no visitation. Individuals and families are rewarded by the one-on-one relationships that are cultivated with the elders. The loneliness of the elders is then replaced by the caring presence and continued support of the Bessie's Hope volunteers. The volunteers receive orientation, training, materials and on-going support to ensure program success. 

The Bessie’s Hope volunteers go through an hour long orientation prior to visiting the elder care community.  On the initial visit to the elder care community, a Bessie’s Hope Program Coordinator will accompany you to make sure the facility is a good match for you.  Some volunteers become like an adopted family member for a specific elder, others  work with the activity staff to help run fun, engaging games and other meaningful activities.  The elders we target have very little visitation from friends or family and many times our volunteers are the only visitors the elder receives, outside of the nursing home staff. 

We ask for a year commitment for this very important position and volunteers are required to be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.  Families with small children are encouraged to volunteer! 

 Because of the vulnerability of the nursing home population, we do run background checks on all our volunteers.  We ask the volunteers to pay for this expense of $10.00.Click


Family and Elder Orientations are held monthly.

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