Family and Elders Program Feature

Sufi began volunteering with Bessie’s Hope at Briarwood April 28, 2017.  She primarily visits Betty, but will also stop in to see other residents. Sufi has a green thumb and has brought several plants to Betty along with other residents and staff at Briarwood. Sufi reached out to friends and neighbors about her volunteering and asked them to donate pots so she could take more plants to Briarwood, and the response was amazing. She received over 50 pots and looks forward to bringing more plants to the community!



From Sufi

When I was a little girl, my mom used to take me to the nursing home to visit my great grandmother. She had Alzheimer's and really wasn't aware of who I was. While my mom would visit her I would walk around the nursing home and go door to door visiting residents. As a child, I found joy in their joy when I would walk into a room. My mom passed away in 2005 and for years I wanted to volunteer and give back in her honor. She was a very compassionate and selfless person always putting other people's needs ahead of her own.  After years of thinking about it, I came across a website online. It was Bessie’s Hope! I found it refreshing that I could make my own hours and was excited to find a nursing home so close to my house. Now there was no excuse not to get involved. Since then, I have found such happiness in growing a relationship with a few ladies at the home. I love to bring plants because it reminds me why I'm there. Every time I come to visit I water them and each visit the plant grows bigger and bigger. It's a great metaphor for why I continue to volunteer. As a society we throw away our seniors when they are truly the magic in this world. It has been effortless to make time a few hours of the week to make someone's day, who has lost so many people they love in their life. I am truly overjoyed I found Bessie's hope. “

If you are interested in participating in this program by yourself, with your family, with your 4-legged family member, you can set your own schedule or just drop by when you can.  Someone is waiting just for you.  This program targets the elders who have no other personal visitors, so the Bessie’s Hope volunteers become surrogate families, companions and advocates.  You only need to bring a loving touch and listening ears—

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