Family and Elders Program Feature

Kona went to pet heaven July 9, but he wants Lori to continue with the elder visits that he enjoyed so much.  He will definitely be there in spirit. Below is a testimony from Lori Powers for a feature we wanted to do.  He died just a couple of days after this was written.  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Lori, and our gratitude goes out to both Lori and Kona, for all the difference they have made in the lives of elders.

“Kona and I have been doing pet therapy with Bessie's Hope since we graduated as a team from Freedom Service Dogs, class of 2008. My parents taught me at an early age how valuable volunteering is for all involved. Kona and I just felt we had to use our training and pay it forward, so to speak.

Juniper Village is a residential place for the memory impaired and is the third elder care community we've been blessed to do pet therapy.  The most difficult part of our work? Missing those residents who've passed away. Though I came into this opportunity with the full knowledge this was an "other duty as assigned", it is still difficult. We see several residents during each visit. Many are “return customers” who always like to perform therapy on Kona


If you are interested in participating in this program by yourself, with your family, with your 4-legged family member, you can set your own schedule or just drop by when you can.  Someone is waiting just for you.  This program targets the elders who have no other personal visitors, so the Bessie’s Hope volunteers become surrogate families, companions and advocates.  You only need to bring a loving touch and listening ears—
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