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2018 Bridge of Love Gala

Make sure you scroll all the way to the end of the page to see more pics from the Gala and the wrap up brunch!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Rosalina Diecidue, our dynamic Event Chairperson; all our wonderful sponsors and donors; all the committee and volunteers; and all the attendees that evening!

Auction Chairs: Kimberly Pope Myers, Nancy Rawls
Decor Chairs: Kindall Pope, Marilyn Vorman

Committee Members/Volunteers:
Jamie Angelich
Debbie Aragon
Katrina Baker
Wendy Barker
Christelle Beck
LaFawn Biddle
Beverly Black
Nancy Boldiszar
Lisa Butterly
Abby Chavez
Rick D
Caroline Danneberg
Christina de Barros
Kelley Digby
Deb Donovan
Stephanie Doss-Odak
Lyn Drake
Karrie Dunkin
Erika Fisher
Terri Fisher
Marie Friedstein
Tamara Fritze
Leslie Frost
Reyvick Garcia
Leslie Halstead-Nyachikanda
Jan Hammond
Una Han
Pattie Helm
Norm Hermsmeyer
Brandi Hills
Devon James
Jeannie Jen
Pam Jerger
Sandi Johnson
Christine Lubbe
Sheryl Madsen
Edie Marks
Lori Marks-Connors
Elise Marks-Gruitch
Kathy May
Timothy McCracken
Lori McDermott
Meiko Nakamura
Heather Nicolson Hughes
Jennie Parson
JJ Pooley
Pat Robinson
Adrienne Ruston-Fitzgibbons
Lorraine Salazar
Matthew Schneck
Austin Scott
Lindsay Shillinglaw
Laura Shipman
Samantha Tarter
Wendy Topalian
Sandee Walling
Lou Walters
Karin Writer


“Bubbly and Brunch Wrap-up” Hosted by Arlene and Rosalina.  It was elegant, fun and delicious.


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