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Family and Elders Highlight

On June 8th , Alisha Rice began visiting Mary Louise at MorningStar of Littleton, and a beautiful friendship was formed.  Alisha visits Mary Louise and her little dog, Sandy, every two weeks.  They enjoy taking walks, reading through a novel that Mary Louise wrote, and telling stories.  When asked about the visits, Mary Louise says, “Alisha brings me happiness.  I love her bright outlook, and she listens as I relive memories from times gone-by.”

“I originally found Bessie’s Hope in 2001 when it was called Rainbow Bridge…I wanted to volunteer, but found it difficult with a toddler.
“Fast forward to 2017…I never forgot about that organization, and finally felt free enough to volunteer again. I was happy to find Rainbow Bridge still around as Bessie’s Hope!
“I met Mary Louise at my introductory visit to Morningstar. She had such a quiet, thoughtful air to her, intelligent and kind and old fashioned. And she loves animals! Always a plus in my books. Visiting her has been wonderful, I love learning about her family, her past and her many accomplishments. She was quite the horse woman in her day! I love her dog Sandy, too and take him for walks when I visit.
“I hope that my time brightens her week, but she also does things for me…I’ve never had a close elder in my family to show me the beauty and grace of old age…I am learning to accept all phases of my life, and Mary Louise is teaching me how to look at our sunset years with dignity and humor.”    Alisha Rice