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Community & Elders – Mile High Youth Corps

Bessie’s Hope has had an alliance with Mile High Youth Corps for several years.  The service-oriented organization was set up at about the same time as was Bessie’s Hope.  They are a youth development agency dedicated to career and college readiness, self-improvement and job skills.

Their corps members have been some of our most treasured volunteers.  They have visited literally hundreds of residents in many of Bessie’s Hope’s elder care community partnerships.  The combination of youth wanting to make a difference and elders open to those youth is profoundly beneficial for all involved.

The Bessie’s Hope system provides the education and structure to make the initial discomfort much more comfortable.  The music and activities add the fun factor.  The result is connection and appreciation regardless of outer differences.

Another factor in our success with MHYC is the compassion and willingness of their group leader, Ms. Sierra Cashion. She has been a champion of this intergenerational work and we wish her well.

Our enthusiasm to work together – Bessie’s Hope and Mile High Youth Corps – continues, with the knowledge of future success!