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Youth & Elder Program: DOOR at Brookdale & St Francis Center at Franklin Park

Summer is busy for Bessie’s Hope!  We are honored to partner with organizations like DOOR and St. Francis Center, which host volunteer youth groups from across the country that have come to Denver to participate in community service.  Bessie’s Hope provides education and training to the hundreds of youth and adults in these program, and we coordinate and facilitate their life-changing visits with our nursing home and assisted living elders.  This summer alone we worked with groups from Arkansas, Texas, Minnesota and many more!

One group visiting at our elder care partners had several talented musicians who played the guitar and led the elders and volunteers in sing-alongs.  The voices of young and old alike filled the space with joy at just being together.  Another group had an adult leader who felt drawn to sit and chat with one of the elders and, as they chatted, found that both were below the knee amputees.  They were able to discuss all that they had been through and found strength in sharing that bond with each other.

These stories of connections represent the heart of our work.  We bring all generations together and remind each other that we are valuable.  We all have stories to tell. We have so much to learn from each other. and the work continues.

Do you know a school or youth group that needs to be a part of the Bessie’s Hope magic?  Click here to learn more about our Youth & Elders Program.