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2019 Bridge of Love Gala

What a beautiful 25th-Anniversary celebration! 

We want to express our gratitude, share event photos, and share pages from the event program that list our sponsors, donors, committee chairs and members and event volunteers.  

Thank you, Triple B and Sue and Rich Jones, for being the Presenting Sponsors and for your long-time support of the work of Bessie’s Hope.  Thank you to all the sponsors and donors listed below.  Your belief in and support of Bessie’s Hope are deeply appreciated.  In addition to sponsors and donors for the gala, it would not have been a successful event without the dedicated and generous committee members and event volunteers listed below.  You were/are all so appreciated.  Nancy Rawls, Auction Chair Extraordinaire, thank you (and John!) for your countless hours of acquisition, recording, creating displays for auction items, for your generous donations, and for being in charge of the check-in/out process!  Lorraine Salazar, thank you for the beautiful centerpieces!  Thank you, Ms. Senior America, Gayle Novak and Doug Tisdale, Esq, for being emcees and Doug, for also being the auctioneer.  Thank you, Pat Robinson, for being the recipient of our Community Angel Award for our 25th anniversary.  Pat is pictured below with Sue and Rich Jones.  Below the photo, you can read all about Pat.

We welcome to experience the love and celebration of the evening again! 
Please click here to enjoy the rest of the photos.