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Family & Elders – Kristina Benson

This program is a perfect volunteer opportunity for individuals and families to experience the most rewarding relationship with nursing home and assisted living elders who have little or no personal visitors. To get involved as a Family and Elders Program volunteer, go to that page on our website and fill out the application. Below is a story by one of our volunteers.

“It came up in conversation that Isidro had been an accomplished accordion player. I had an accordion at home, so I decided to bring it in on my next visit to see if he would like to play. When he saw the accordion, Isidro smiled, picked it up, and started playing beautifully. It was quite magnificent to see him shine. Many of the residents gathered chairs around him, and we all listened with joy as he played many songs he had memorized. Isidro said that the accordion was the “tool” he used when speaking for his church.

“It was so amazing to see him play, and he was fantastic, not missing one beat. This taught me a lot, because even though he is in a memory care facility, it was evident he still had not lost any of the memory relating to music or playing the accordion. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share my love for accordion with Isidro. Thank you!” -Kristina Benson