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Youth & Elders Program Features – March/April 2020

Summit Academy High School recently started partnering with Bessie’s Hope. They are the perfect sized on going youth group for a smaller home, The Gardens Care Home – Jewell Estates. Students and residents enjoyed getting to know one another, playing balloon volleyball, “Chair Yoga Bingo” and celebrating Valentine’s Day together. The residents especially loved having the students sing “The Wonderful Song” to them!

We are thankful for our partnerships with Cindy Kreis’s class at Summit Academy High School and all the Gardens Care Homes!

Polaris Elementary School

Long time youth group partner, Polaris Elementary, began visits this spring with residents at Brookshire House.  Students and residents were able to experience each other’s worlds, as the residents visited Polaris school, and the students then travelled to Brookshire House. 

 In addition to the Bessie’s Hope training, Group leader and the Gifted Resource Teacher, Catherine Forington, prepped students with sensory simulations to provide the students with a perspective on navigating the world with reduced sensory input while building empathy.


 Bessie’s Hope facilitated the intergenerational interaction with getting-to-know-you activities, rock painting, and of course, “The Wonderful Song”.  Both the elders and youth were smiling ear to ear and filled with joy and connection during every visit.


 Thank you, Polaris Elementary School for your partnership with Bessie’s Hope!


McLain Community High School at MorningStar Assisted Living and Memory Care of Littleton

For many years, LeNora Weaver has partnered with Bessie’s Hope to provide her students at McLain Community High School with the life-enriching experience of cultivating relationships with elders in long term care.   The students listen intently, while the elders reminisce, sharing stories of favorite memories.  Since their Bessie’s Hope “grandpartners” are at MorningStar of Littleton Memory Care, the youth also have the opportunity to enter into and be present in the elder’s reality of the moment. 

The students and elders enjoy spending time with each other, and there is always a room filled with laughter, hugs, dancing, singing, conversation and participating in an activity or craft project together.  In the 7-sec video clip, the elder is creating the music by humming and setting the rhythm and tempo, and the teenagers are respectfully and joyfully dancing with her.