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Family and Elder Program Feature November/December 2020

6 Places to Volunteer With Your Family By Kara Thompson Assistant Editor for Colorado Parent Magazine and Bessie’s Hope Family and Elders Volunteer.

Teach your kids the importance of giving back.

The holidays can get hectic, but it’s important to slow down and remind yourself (and your family) what truly matters. The winter season can be hard for many people, especially those who are sick, struggling financially, and feeling isolated and lonely due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Take this opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of giving back. Research and explain what a few local organizations do to help others in community, then ask your child which charity they would most like to help. Here’s a list of organizations in search of volunteers to help get started.

Bessie’s Hope

Bessie’s Hope launched a “Staying Connected” initiative at the beginning of lockdown on elder care facilities. Initially, thousands of letters, cards, kid’s drawings, and gifts were delivered, but now things have slowed down. “The isolation and depression has grown within the elder care facilities. This is heartbreaking for those of us at Bessie’s Hope who were already trying to make communities aware that 60% of nursing home elders have no personal visitors” says Linda Holloway, co-founder and development director at Bessie’s Hope.

Now more than ever, Bessie’s Hope is in need of more letters, cards and drawings. The cards should be written to one person (Dear Special Person) and can be mailed to Bessie’s Hope, PO Box 12675, Denver, CO 80212.

The cards should let the elders know the following:
They are very valuable and important to the community.
Their wisdom and life experiences are needed.
They are appreciated for who they are.
We are looking forward to spending time with them once it’s safe.
We are thinking of them and sending them our love…

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