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Bessie’s Hope Family and Elders Program

Family and Elders Program

Family & Elders Program

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(As you see below, you must attend an orientation before participating in this program. We will not be holding an orientation until May, 2018; however, you may go ahead and fill out an application now. A staff member will contact you with further details. )

60% of nursing home residents receive no personal visitors.

Bessie’s Hope Family and Elders Program facilitates the matching of individuals and families who become companions, advocates, and extended families for nursing home/assisted living elders who have little or no visitation. Individuals and families are rewarded by the one-on-one relationships that are cultivated with the elders. The loneliness of the elders is  replaced by the caring presence and continued support of the Bessie’s Hope volunteers. The volunteers receive orientation, training, materials and on-going support to ensure program success.


After attending an orientation and receiving a background check clearance, a Bessie’s Hope program staff accompanies you to conveniently located nursing homes and assisted living facility. Your first visit will entail meeting several residents. You may choose to adopt one or more residents for one on one visits, based on common interests and your comfort level. It is suggested that you visit the resident(s) once a week if possible. For more information, contact program staff 303-830-9035 or