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Group Leader Evaluations

  • Please type the name of the youth group or school you work with.
  • Thank you for your participation in the Bessie’s Hope Youth and Elders service-learning program and for helping us bring generations together in mutually rewarding relationships Please estimate the percentage of youth in your group who, because of their Bessie’s Hope experience, demonstrated the following behaviors.
  • Please rate the following aspects of Bessie's Hope programming.
  • Please skip this if you answered that you were prepared.
  • We greatly appreciate any additional comments, suggestions or constructive criticism that you can give us!

For grant purposes it is important that we have completed evaluations from youth leaders. Likewise, it is extremely important that we have endorsement letters from professionals, such as yourself, who can attest to the life-enriching value of our work, and who can specifically focus on one or two “stories of personal impact” of the youth in your group, as it relates to their Bessie’s Hope experience. Please use your professional letterhead, or in the case of youth groups such as Girl Scouts, Group Leaders may use their personal letterhead. In your letter, please address topics such as, enhanced self-worth, leadership, character-building, tolerance and empathy, reading, writing, and other academic achievements.

You are appreciated, Sharron Brandrup, Co-founder and Executive Director