School-to-Career Work Force Development for Long Term Care

School-to-Career Work Force Development for Long Term Care

Featured are some of the students who participated in our School-to-Career Work Force Development for Long Term Care this summer through the DPS CareerConnect program and through a DPS summer internship program.  The students received the Bessie’s Hope education on long term care, the reasons people are in long term care, the various levels of long term care, dementia, hearing and vision loss, other physical conditions, such as stroke, diabetes. They also receive training that enables the volunteers to have comfortable and meaningful interaction with elders of all levels of cognitive functioning, including advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. 

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The students participated in visits at two nursing homes, Briarwood Health Care Center and Cedars Health Care Center.  Bessie’s Hope staff facilitated the visits and introduced the students to staff members at the elder care homes.  The students received a presentation on the many jobs and career opportunities in elder care homes.  They also went to Argus Home Health Care Agency and received a presentation on the jobs and career opportunities within home health care.  In fact, two of the students filled out job applications at Argus. 

The students had the opportunity to shadow various positions within Briarwood, and three of the students participated in a six-week internship there.  One of the students chose to do her internship with Bessie’s Hope to participate in more administrative and marketing tasks and learning opportunities.


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