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School-to-Career Work Force Development for Long Term Care

School-to-Career Work Force Development for Long Term Care


For 25 years, Bessie’s Hope has addressed the unconscionable statistic of nursing home elders who receive NO personal visitors with our unique solution.  Our volunteer programs are designed to cultivate mutually rewarding relationships between the elders and youth, families, and other adults.

Now, we are addressing the critical work force shortage in long term with, once again, a Bessie’s Hope unique solution:  Introducing the vast array of jobs and career paths to young people, who already enjoy the elders, and who already demonstrate compassion, empathy and respect for the elders.
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These are the character traits that should be first and foremost demonstrated by all care givers who serve our elders.  The teens then have the opportunity to listen to elder care staff, who explain their job and the required education.  The youth take notes and ask questions, because they write essays after this learning experience.  “Shadowing” is scheduled for youth to spend a couple of addition hours learning more about the specific position in which they have expressed interested.

The CU Geriatric Division at the Anschutz Medical Center has partnered with Bessie’s Hope to

provide another opportunity to discover more careers by touring their facilities.  The youth write a second essay on any specific job or jobs they would like to pursue in long term care, or in the field of geriatrics in general.  They are also to include why they would like to work in this position and what they can bring to the position, to the elders, etc.   There may be internships, volunteer positions or jobs offered by the long term care location or by the CU Geriatric Division.

Students from Colorado Uplift participated in staff presentations at Pearl Street Health Care Center. The employees represented the diversity of skills and responsibilities required in nursing home. Students heard from the nursing staff, social services, activity

department, physical therapy, maintenance, business department, and the Administrator. After the presentations, the students asked questions, and some of the students appeared very interested in pursuing more information.

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