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Youth and Elders Volunteer Application

If you have questions about this application please call 303-623-1176 or email

  • Primary Mailing Address for Group
  • Please have each volunteer complete this waiver and release.
  • Primary Group Leader
  • For teachers - we often have our volunteer appreciation event at the end of the summer. We struggle to get the word out to our wonderful teacher, group leaders since we have primarily school contact information. Please provide us with a summer email address so we can send the invitation there. If the email address above is a good way to contact you throughout the year, please skip this field.
  • Second Group Leader
  • Third Group Leader
  • Group Demographics
  • Please estimate the demographics of the youth in your group. This information is important for some of the grants that help Bessie's Hope exist.
  • Youth Age Range
  • If you have any specific questions or comments please type them here.