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Nina Stasser and Dana Thompson.

For several years, Bessie’s Hope has been honored to receive funding from St Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church.  Bessie’s Hope Board member, David Geras, introduced the church to the work of Bessie’s Hope.  We are very grateful for the financial support from the church, and we are also so grateful that Nina Stasser was interested in initiating a monthly group visit with Bessie’s Hope to a nursing home.

Nina and Dana Thompson are the Group Leaders, and they have gathered other fun, compassionate women to join them in bringing joy, music, hugs, crafts, friendship, dancing, laughter each month to residents at Orchard Park Health Care Center.  Nina and Dana are hopeful that the group from St Gabriel will grow and will continue for years to come.

Every nursing home is filled with wonderful people who have wonderful stories.  Bessie’s Hope would love to have more groups of volunteers like this to go listen to the stories and share joyful times with the elders.

To learn more about the Community & Elders Program, click here.