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Community and Elders Program

Community & Elders Program

The Perfect Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership and The Perfect Service Project for Community Organizations

Bessie’s Hope invites your employees to experience the perfect community service and team-building project. Bessie’s Hope also facilitates nursing home/assisted living visits for community organizations. Corporations and community groups benefit from the special  bond that is created among the individual participants. Volunteers receive training, materials and support.
“Happiness is based upon close relationships and reciprocity.” (The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt) — Bessie’s Hope youth and adult volunteers quickly learn that the nursing home elders, often isolated from and by our society, have so much to offer younger generations. Your corporation or community group has the opportunity to give happiness back to these elders through Bessie’s Hope programs that cultivate long-term relationships, and that allow the elders to give their wisdom, life experiences, and wonderful stories.


(According to a survey of 2500 corporate executives by the Conference Board
& Points of Light Foundation)

  • Increase employee productivity by more than 70%
  • Improve employee retention by more than 80%
  • Improve morale by more than 80%
  • Build teamwork skills by more than 90%
  • In a Denver Foundation survey, 95 percent of metro Denver residents said that businesses should be active in supporting charitable causes.
  • A national Roper poll found that 94 percent of influential Americans held a more positive image of companies that support community

    Qwest employees with nursing home resident


  •  National Roper poll — 68 percent of influential Americans said they would be more likely to buy a product associated with a good cause.
  • When employees are encouraged to volunteer in the community, it contributes positively to employee pride, loyalty, morale, and retention. In the Roper poll, 90 percent of workers whose companies support a cause felt proud of their company’s values vs. 56 percent of those whose companies are not committed to a cause.
  • “More than 70% of consumers will switch to a brand that supports positive causes, even if it means paying more for the product.” Jeannette McMurtry, Sales and Marketing Consultant

How it Works

Bessie’s Hope provides an orientation for the volunteers and facilitates the group interaction with elders at a conveniently located nursing home or assisted living facility. While bringing joy and giving time to these often forgotten elders, employees share a heart-warming experience that builds team spirit.

We encourage your group to commit to ongoing visits, whether it is once a month, every other month or once a quarter. We will provide training and activities to facilitate these ongoing visits. Choose the day or night and the time frame. We coordinate with the home (or homes) and facilitate the interaction. Just bring smiles and hugs and be ready to fill your heart. Also, we provide the opportunity for families or individuals to adopt nursing home elders or to assist with our program for youth. The positive feelings and life-transforming experience create a deep connection that goes back to the workplace and to the volunteers’ homes.

For more information contact the program staff at 303-830-9035

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