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Community & Elders Program: Pinnacol Assurance at Chelsea Place

Pinnacol Assurance employees provided over 150 days of service in 2017! Bessie’s Hope is honored to have been selected by this community-service-focused corporation as a nonprofit to host a group of their employees this year.

We facilitated an educational training session and an elder group visit at Chelsea Place for 25 compassionate, fun Pinnacol volunteers. Smiles and warm memories were shared as the elders and volunteers danced to big band music and talked about their first dance partners. Many of the elders had married that very person! The joy continued as the Bessie’s Hope version of Charades lit up faces with laughter.

When it was time to say goodbye, the “Bessie’s Hope Friendship Train” gave the elders the opportunity to give and receive 25 hugs. Of course, we couldn’t resist one last dance before leaving! The Pinnacol group enjoyed lunch onsite, and the elder care volunteer experience concluded with a debrief session. When asked to describe the experience in one word, the resounding answer? “Fun!”

Thank you, Pinnacol Assurance and Chelsea Place!

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