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Community & Elders Program Feature – October 2019

For a number of years, Bailey, talk show host on iHeart Radio KTCL Channel 93.3,  has partnered with Bessie’s Hope for her “Gifts for Grands” project.   Each year, shortly before Christmas, Bessie’s Hope provides Bailey with a list of first names of nursing home elders who never receive visitors and their Santa Wish Lists.  Bailey shares the lists with her listeners, and they sign up to provide gifts for the individual elders.  The listeners are invited to join Bailey and a Bessie’s Hope staff member to participate in a social gathering with the group of elders, after which the volunteers give the gifts to the elders.

This year, Bailey wanted to create multiple opportunities for her listeners to have the heartwarming experience of participating in a group visit at an elder care home.  Pictured are Bailey and some of the other volunteers who participated in a Bessie’s Hope training session and a group visit with elders at Chelsea Place.

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