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Family & Elders Program Feature – December 2019

Jessica, Charlie, Will and Matthew Swick experienced a special family joy at Chelsea Place when getting to know their “adopted” elder.  There is no deeper joy than that from helping another.  The elders who participate in this program either have no personal visitors, or they are seldomly visited.  The loneliness and hopelessness felt by someone who has NO ONE is so heavy on the heart, and this heaviness is lifted when someone comes along to say, “I care, and I am here for you.”  Likewise, when family members share making such a significant difference in the life of another, there is a love that glows and lightens the hearts of all involved.

Sara and Brooklyn Matlock have also experienced this family joy at Cedars Health Care with their “adopted elder”.   We are thankful for all our Family and Elders Program volunteers.  They are filling such a void in someone’s life.

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