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Community & Elders Program Feature – February 2020

For many years, Regis University School of Nursing has partnered with Bessie’s Hope to provide an introductory experience in working with the geriatric population. Bessie’s Hope provides the education and training for the nursing students and coordinates group visits at multiple elder care facilities, so the students will have diverse experiences.  Because interacting with individuals who have advanced Alzheimer’s Disease is included in our training, each group of nursing students has the opportunity to engage with elders in various memory care facilities.  Their participation with Bessie’s Hope also includes time with elders in skilled care (nursing homes) and with elders in assisted living communities that are not memory care.  Through Bessie’s Hope, they see how much the elders have to teach all younger generations.

Above are photos of some of the students at a visit at Balfour at Stapleton. Facilitated by Bessie’s Hope staff, the students have the opportunity to participate in getting-to-know-you dialogue, dancing and lots of laughter and hugs.


Below are a couple of pictures of other nursing students dancing with elders at Cedars Health Care Center and Chelsea Place Memory Care.

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