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Youth & Elders Featured Program ~ Escuela de Guadalupe

Escuela de Guadalupe has partnered with Bessie’s Hope for many years. They participate throughout the school year for regularly scheduled visits, during which intergenerational relationships blossom. The youth and elders participate together in reading and writing activities, arts and crafts, dancing, games, singing, and lots of hugging. The rewards and life-long benefits for the youth are immeasurable, and the respect for the elders and how much they enjoy being with the elders have been
integrated into the core of their beings.

The entire school is involved in an annual day of service, and they chose Bessie’s
Hope as one of the services. Approximately 50 students from 1 st to 8 th grade received the Bessie’s Hope orientation/training, because not all of the students have been part of the classes that visit regularly. There were two groups bringing joy to two groups of elders, one at Cedars Health Care Center, the other at Gardens at St Elizabeth. The elders glow with happiness, and they are eager to share their
stories of years gone by with the young listeners.

After lunch, the youth made posters for the elder communities and wrote thank yous to Bessie’s Hope sponsors, which are shared through the year.

The story and photos from Colorado Uplift participating in the Bessie’s Hope “School-to-Career Work Force Development for Long Term Care” are here.

Pictured below are elders and youth at the two respective elder care communities.


Gardens at St Elizabeth


Cedars Health Care Center