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Family and Elders Highlight

On June 8th , Alisha Rice began visiting Mary Louise at MorningStar of Littleton, and a beautiful friendship was formed.  Alisha visits Mary Louise and her little dog, Sandy, every two weeks.  They enjoy taking walks, reading through a novel that Mary Louise wrote, and telling stories.  When asked about the visits, Mary Louise says, “Alisha brings me happiness.  I love her bright outlook, and she listens as I relive memories from times gone-by.”

“I originally found Bessie’s Hope in 2001 when it was called Rainbow Bridge…I wanted to volunteer, but found it difficult with a toddler.
“Fast forward to 2017…I never forgot about that organization, and finally felt free enough to volunteer again. I was happy to find Rainbow Bridge still around as Bessie’s Hope!
“I met Mary Louise at my introductory visit to Morningstar. She had such a quiet, thoughtful air to her, intelligent and kind and old fashioned. And she loves animals! Always a plus in my books. Visiting her has been wonderful, I love learning about her family, her past and her many accomplishments. She was quite the horse woman in her day! I love her dog Sandy, too and take him for walks when I visit.
“I hope that my time brightens her week, but she also does things for me…I’ve never had a close elder in my family to show me the beauty and grace of old age…I am learning to accept all phases of my life, and Mary Louise is teaching me how to look at our sunset years with dignity and humor.”    Alisha Rice

Community and Elders Program Highlight

On December 20th, Christmas came early for the residents of Health Center at Franklin Park, as iHeart Radio’s “Gifts for Grands” brought in dozens of gifts and a lot of love and fun during a Bessie’s Hope visit.  Bailey, an iHeart Radio personality, and the heart behind “Gifts for Grands,” along with her team of amazing volunteers and listeners, provided 30 residents with several personalized, wrapped gifts straight from their wish lists.  During the visit, volunteers and residents bonded over live music performed by Bessie’s Hope Co-Founder, Linda Holloway.  There were lots of hugs and vibrant conversations shared by all.  Joy filled the hearts of everyone involved.  A huge thanks to Bailey, Kym Ford and the entire Franklin Park team, and all the volunteers who made this special day happen.


Iheart Radio

For two consecutive years, iheart radio has partnered with Bessie’s Hope to implement the radio corporation’s “Gifts for Grands” project.  Members from their listening audience purchase gifts from a wish list provided by Bessie’s Hope from nursing home residents.  Everyone is invited to attend a social gathering at the nursing home, where the volunteers first attend a training/orientation session to ensure that the volunteers will be comfortable and confident in their interactions with residents of all levels of cognitive functioning, and that the visit will be meaningful and enjoyable for the residents and the volunteers.  Retired Bronco team members also attend the group visit with the elders and join in the fun.

Following the group visit, the volunteers take gifts to the rooms of the residents who participated in the wish list.  These are residents who receive little or no personal visitation.  As in all of the Bessie’s Hope programs and visits, it’s hard to know who received the most joy—the volunteers or the residents.


This program engages adult groups, who may or may not choose to include their own families, for one-time or ongoing visits at nursing homes and assisted living communities.  Get your workplace, civic organization, club, or church group involved.  Adult groups always express how meaningful this hands-on, life-changing community service project is.  Like with the youth, Bessie’s Hope provides the training, coordination, and facilitation of one-time or ongoing visits with the nursing home/assisted living elders.

Get your workplace, civic organization, club, church group involved.  Call 303-830-9037. Click here for more information about our Community and Elders Program 

Escuela de Guadalupe

Escuela de Guadalupe has partnered with Bessie’s Hope for many years. The benefits to the youth are as meaningful as to the elders.  The students and the residents at Gardens at St Elizabeth have created beautiful relationships and art projects.  They enjoy getting to know each other, the youth listening to the stories the elders share with them; the elders listening to what’s going on at school.  Dancing, reading, hugging, creating—cherished time.


Key Club at Mountain Vista High School

“This past weekend, young women the Key Club at Mountain Vista High School gathered to spend an afternoon with the youthful residents of Brookdale Crossings, an assisted living memory care community. These students came together with no expectations and open hearts only to find something much more than anticipated; a deep connection to last a lifetime.


The visit started with a beautiful song that was sung by all in the room. Words chosen by the residents were passionately sung by all and included verbs like happy, helpful and sane. These may be only words for some but to the residents at Brookdale Crossings, these were prayers they were singing out for all to hear.


Watching the visit unfold was nothing short of a beautiful moment for many there. The group discussed their favorite musical influences and there was much more in common than expected. Names like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash were humming throughout the room right alongside with laughter, dancing and good conversation. By the end of the program, “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole was playing in the background while the elders from Brookdale were full of smiles and praise of what these girls had brought to them; love. The visit closed with lots of embracing and “see you soon’s”.

When it was time to debrief with the program director, the volunteers were overwhelmed by a wide range of emotions. It seems to be a common theme for Bessie’s Hope, as there is always something extraordinary that you leave with, such as hope, happiness, compassion and respect for the generations that have gone before us. I myself have been known to be somewhat speechless after a program. There usually isn’t much to say, but much to be felt. Something just short of a magic happens at these visits, and the only way to keep the magic alive is to volunteer, donate and spread the word. Every dollar matters, because every elder in a nursing home or assisted living matters, and every city should have a Bessie’s Hope, because everybody deserves a little hope.”

Jessica Kaczorowski,

Kishia Mason

Kishia Mason is a remarkable young woman.  She came to Bessie’s Hope looking for a way to be of service.  In April of 2015, she began to volunteer through Bessie’s Hope at Cedars Healthcare Center.  She has been going to their memory care unit once a month ever since.

Kishia is totally blind.  She has a machine that allows her to read the written word.  She reads to the residents, sometimes one to one and sometimes with a small group.

One of the volunteers pictured is Carlos.  He is also blind.  The two have a beautiful camaraderie.  The other resident pictured is Lynda.    She is seen here in a photo with her husband of over 50 years!

Kishia is the essence of Bessie’s Hope – she is making a difference!  Much thanks.

Aspen Grove and Bessie’s Hope Win ICSC Foundation 2012 Community Support Award For Their “Queen for a Day” Program

New York, September 6, 2012 – The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Foundation is pleased to announce that DDR Corp.’s Aspen Grove shopping center located in Littleton, Colo. has been named the 2012 U.S. Community Support Award western region winner for their “Queen for a Day” program. The award was given out during a special ceremony at ICSC’s NOI+ Conference, on Sept. 5th at the Peabody Orlando, in Orlando, Fla. Teaming up with Bessie’s Hope, a program that organizes visitors for nursing homes, Aspen Grove was able to use their position in the community to initiate the “Queen for a Day” campaign.

This monthly program honors a nursing home elder who receives little to no visitors to make them feel loved and important. Each month a senior citizen is selected and treated to a day out at Aspen Grove receiving a free lunch, specialty foods to take home, a new outfit, salon services, and home décor items. To date there have been eight elders who have been bestowed with this honor. This program not only gave the selected elders tangible gifts that were greatly needed, but it also afforded them the chance to feel special. The Foundation’s Community Support Award program, established in 2006, is a worldwide awards program that honors corporate social responsibility and community outreach efforts of shopping centers for charitable initiatives.

To support Aspen Grove’s philanthropic cause, a $5,000 donation from the ICSC Foundation will be made to the “Queen for a Day” campaign. Professional recognition for this award was given to Dawn Marie Lecklikner, regional vice president of shopping center marketing, DDR Corp.; Kim Calder, marketing director, DDR Corp.; and Margie Munoz, general manager, DDR Corp.

Ms Calder and Ms Munoz presented the $5,000 contribution to Bessie’s Hope co-founder, Linda Holloway, during the October Queen for the Day lunch at Panera Bread of Aspen Grove. “Queen” Elizabeth Horner, 91-yr young resident of Cherrelyn Health Care Center, stated, “Everyone should get to feel this special at least once in their life. I am so grateful.”

For more information about Denver-based, Bessie’s Hope and its many programs that engage schools and other youth groups (many from at-risk youth organizations and lock-down facilities); individuals; families; corporations; churches; and civic organizations to alleviate the loneliness in so many nursing home elders’ lives and bring them the respect and honor they deserve, contact or call 303-830-9037.